Caldey Island

Three miles across the calm waters from Tenby lies the beautiful monastery island of Caldey and its little sister, the bird and seal sanctuary of St. Margaret's. Monks of one sort or another have lived and worked on Caldey for some 1500 years. Today it is owned by the Reformed Cistercian order, who devote their lives to the service of God within the whitewashed walls of the monastery, which dominates the village green.

Perhaps it is this long monastic heritage which gives Caldey its pervasive air of peace and tranquility. Coupled with its breathtaking natural beauty and freedom from the excessive commercialism which afflicts so many popular tourist destinations, a day out on Caldey will reward the more thoughtful holidaymaker with memories of a deeper more lasting kind.

Today the community of around 20 monks lead their lives according to the austere Rule of St. Benedict, and attend seven services a day in the simple dignity of the monastery church – the first at 3.15am! In addition they maintain a prime beef herd, bake shortbread in the monastery ovens and produce delicious hand made chocolate. Perhaps the most interesting of their business ventures is the manufacture of the famous range of Caldey Island Perfumes and Toiletries inspired by the profusion of wild island flowers, gorse and herbs.

How to get there: Boats run from Tenby Harbour every 15 mins. between 9.30am and 5.00pm Mon - Fri, and 11am - 4.00pm on Saturdays. Tickets are available from the booking kiosk in Castle Square above the harbour.

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